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10 Surprising Facts About Costco You Might Have Not Known!

📷 Credit: CNBC

Ah, Costco, the land of oversized everything and more free samples than you can shake a jumbo-sized pretzel at. It’s like a theme park for bargain hunters, but with fewer roller coasters and more rotisserie chickens. Let me sprinkle some wisdom and humor on you about the magical world of Costco.

1. Sneak into the Shopping Party

No Membership? No Problem! Forget your membership card at home? No worries! You can still snag eye and hearing tests, plus some prescription meds. It’s like they have a secret “Members Anonymous” program.

2. Meds for Your Four-Legged Friends

Meds for Fido, Too Costco’s got your furry friend’s health covered too. They offer discounts on pet meds. So, now you can both get your prescriptions filled together and have a bonding moment over treats afterward.

3. The Monday Mayhem

Mondays: Costco’s Busiest Day Mondays are the new Black Friday at Costco. Everyone thinks they’re slick avoiding the weekend crowds, but guess what? Everyone else had the same idea. The Monday madness is real!

4. Return Like a Boss

Return Policy: Better Than Therapy Costco’s return policy is so lenient; it’s like they invented the word “refund.” No receipt? No problem! Just return that impulse buy and feel like a financial genius.

5. Afterlife Shopping

Costco: Your Afterlife Partner Costco isn’t just about deals in this life; they’ve got you covered in the afterlife too. Caskets and urns are on the menu, and they’ll even deliver them to your final resting place. Now that’s what I call a “Costco to the Great Beyond” service.

6. Car Shopping, No Negotiation Needed

📷 Credit: Costco

Buy a Car at Costco Why haggle with a car dealer when Costco can hook you up? Car shopping has never been this stress-free. Just be prepared to drive home with a lifetime supply of bulk snacks in the trunk.

7. The A-Lister of Retail

Lights, Camera, Costco! Did you know Costco has a budding career in Hollywood? It’s a true A-lister, making cameos in movies and TV shows. Who knew you’d be shopping where the stars shop?

8. Prepping for Doomsday with Costco

📷 Credit: Reddit

Emergency Food Stockpile When the zombie apocalypse hits, you’ll be glad you stocked up on Costco’s emergency food supply. Just add water and wait for the world to return to sanity.

9. The Legendary Hot Dog Combo

📷 Credit:

Hot Dog Combo Extravaganza Costco’s hot dog combo is legendary. They sold a mind-blowing 122 million of them in one year! And yes, the price will stay at $1.50 because they’re basically the guardians of affordable food.

10. Bling on a Budget

📷 Credit:

Sparkling Diamonds and Savings If you’re planning a proposal, Costco can make your bling dreams come true. Get your loved one a 7.45-carat diamond ring for the mere price of a small island. Love, it turns out, is priceless, but it doesn’t hurt to have a diamond on hand.