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Aldi’s $5 Coffee Beans Steal the Show at the Global Coffee Olympics!


Wouldn’t it be great if your morning brew not only tastes like a million bucks but also comes with a gold medal to its name. No, it’s not a coffee enthusiast’s daydream; it’s the reality down at Aldi Australia, where their $5 coffee beans have just been crowned the crème de la crème at the coffee world’s equivalent of the Olympics!

The star of the show, Aldi’s Lazzio coffee beans, took home the gold at the 2024 World Series of the Golden Bean Awards. Picture this: over 2,500 contenders from around the globe, each vying for the top spot, and it’s Aldi’s offering that steals the spotlight. It’s like a Cinderella story for coffee aficionados!

Brewed with love by Melbourne’s very own Black Bag Roasters, the Lazzio range is a collection of 11 aromatic wonders, with prices as comforting as their first sip, ranging from a wallet-friendly $4.99 to a still-reasonable $21.99. At the heart of this caffeinated fairy tale is the 250g ‘Organic Peru Ground Coffee’ and its twin, the ‘Organic Honduras Ground Coffee,’ both priced at a humble $5. Meanwhile, the ‘Luxe Blend’ plays the role of the premium prince in this story, weighing in at 1kg and costing a bit more, but still worth every penny.

Among the ensemble cast are the 1kg Medium Coffee Beans, the Single Origin Brazil Beans, and the Single Origin Colombia Beans, each with their own unique flavor profile and backstory, making your morning coffee routine feel like an international adventure.

The plot thickens with a twist: despite sweeping the Australian Golden Bean Awards from 2019 to 2022, Aldi found itself sidelined in 2023. But like any good underdog story, they came back swinging, not just to reclaim their local title but to conquer the world stage.

Daniel Quinlan, Aldi Australia’s Coffee Buying Director, couldn’t hide his excitement, declaring, “As a nation obsessed with its coffee, we’re proud to partner with Black Bag Roasters to bring locally roasted, award-winning, world-class coffee to our customers.” He went on to tout the Lazzio line as a “luxury everyone can afford,” with prices starting at just 10 cents a cup. Talk about a morning pick-me-up!

Lance Brown, the maestro behind Black Bag Roasters, shared in the joy, expressing how humbling it was to be lauded at such a prestigious event. The nine-year partnership with Aldi, he noted, has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride to new heights, with this accolade being the cherry on top.

So, the next time you’re strolling down the aisles of Aldi, and you spot those gold-medal-winning Lazzio coffee beans, remember: you’re not just picking up a bag of coffee. You’re bringing home a global champion, a testament to quality, affordability, and the spirit of underdog victories. And all it takes to be part of this winning story is $5 and a love for good coffee. Cheers to that!