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Budget-Friendly Grocery Guide: Aldi, Walmart, or Target – Who Saves You More?

In an effort to entice consumers back to their aisles, several retailers are dramatically reducing prices on everyday essentials this summer. This trend is particularly significant for older shoppers on fixed incomes, given the sharp 25 percent increase in food-at-home prices since the pandemic began. With over 9 million older adults grappling with food insecurity, finding affordable groceries is more crucial than ever.

Aldi, Walmart, and Target have all announced extensive price cuts on a variety of products, including groceries. However, determining which retailer offers the best deals can be challenging without a direct comparison of their prices. It’s a daunting task that involves extensive online research and in-store price checking to ensure an accurate comparison.

Thankfully, comprehensive shopping comparisons have been made to ascertain which store offers the most cost-effective grocery options. A study was conducted using a basket of 30 popular items purchased in New York’s Long Island, revealing which retailer provides the best value for your dollar.

And the Winner Is… Aldi

Aldi, with thousands of stores across the United States, including major states like California, Florida, and New York, emerged as the frontrunner. With a total cost of $66.11 for the basket, Aldi’s prices were slightly lower than its competitors. Agnes Sollecito, a 62-year-old retiree, regularly shops at Aldi, attracted by the significant savings. “It’s definitely cheaper,” she notes, pointing to the pineapples in her cart priced at $1.79 each.

Aldi has recently pledged to reduce prices on over 250 items, including picnic and barbecue essentials, in response to persistent inflation. These reductions are projected to save customers around $100 million by the end of summer, following a previous year’s saving of $60 million.

A Close Second: Walmart

Walmart, a global retail giant with over 10,500 stores, was a close second, with its grocery basket only $1.52 more expensive than Aldi’s. Despite the competitive pricing, Walmart’s store-brand items were generally more costly in certain categories. Paul Madiefsky, a 68-year-old shopper, appreciates Walmart’s affordability and quality. He actively uses coupons to stretch his budget further and is optimistic about the ongoing price reductions. “Every little saving adds up,” he comments.

Third Place: Target

Target, despite its widespread presence with nearly 2,000 stores nationwide, had the highest basket cost. Target’s grocery prices were often slightly higher, significantly impacted by more expensive salmon and the lack of cheaper store-brand milk or cornflakes. Annette Kruzynski, a 78-year-old shopper, finds grocery shopping at Target convenient, often picking up items incidentally while shopping for other goods.

Target has also announced price cuts on 1,500 items and plans to extend these reductions to approximately 5,000 items over the summer, aiming to save consumers millions of dollars.



Bananas (per pound)$0.47$0.72$0.49

Mcintosh apples (per pound)$1.00$1.59$0.98

Yellow onions (per pound)$0.83$1.19$1.05

Russet potatoes (per pound)$0.45$0.88$0.88

Iceberg lettuce (per head)$1.69$1.99$1.94

Canned goodsAldiTargetWalmart

Pinto beans (per pound)$0.99$1.38$1.30

Chicken broth (per pound)$0.80$0.73$0.68

Fruit cocktail (per pound)$1.35$1.60$2.56

Tomato sauce (per pound)$1.28$1.18$1.13


Peanut butter (per pound)$1.54$1.72$1.59

Mixed nuts (per pound)$4.76$6.39$5.94

Pretzel sticks (per pound)$1.75$2.49$2.24

Kettle cooked potato chips (per pound)$3.18$3.99$3.52


Sliced white bread (per pound)$0.40$1.19$1.06

Rice (per pound)$0.66$0.94$0.66

Spaghetti (per pound)$0.94$0.99$1.76

Corn flakes (per pound)$1.95$4.48$1.99


Large eggs (dozen)$1.79$1.92$2.78

2 percent milk (per gallon)$2.56$4.69$2.39

Butter (per pound)$3.15$3.79$3.78

Shredded cheddar cheese (per pound)$3.49$4.58$3.94

Plain yogurt (per pound)$1.90$1.92$1.95


Salmon filets (per pound)$8.99$15.98$6.99

Ground beef (per pound)$4.99$3.99$4.74

Hot dogs (per pound)$7.50$3.72$3.70

Whole chicken (per pound)$1.99$1.69$1.46


Peas (per pound)$1.27$1.28$1.31

Corn (per pound)$1.19$2.38$1.24

Mixed berries (per pound)$3.25$4.23$3.58


Conclusion: Making Smart Choices

While Aldi takes the crown for the most budget-friendly grocery option, the choice between Aldi, Walmart, and Target may depend on individual shopping preferences, the convenience of location, and specific product needs. Each retailer has its strengths, and savvy shoppers will benefit from comparing prices and staying informed about ongoing discounts and promotions. Remember, shopping strategically can lead to significant savings over time, which is especially important in today’s economic climate.