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Cool Off This Summer with the Ultimate Treat: Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream Sandwiches

Summer has just become a lot cooler for Thin Mint enthusiasts! In an exciting collaboration, the Girl Scouts have teamed up with the creators of the iconic Chipwich to bring fans a new way to indulge in their favorite cookie flavor. Imagine the crisp, refreshing taste of peppermint ice cream, nestled between two decadent chocolate mint cookies, all wrapped up in a generous coating of chocolate chips. This is the essence of the newly introduced Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches, a creation that promises to make this summer unforgettable for cookie lovers.

The buzz around this frosty new treat is growing, with fans already sharing their delight online. Spotted at Costco, this frozen delight is available in a 10-count box for $12, a price that many agree is well worth it for the chance to enjoy a “chocolatey mint good” experience. Descriptions of the ice cream sandwiches as “banging” highlight the excitement surrounding the release, with fans appreciating the perfect texture of the ice cream and cookies alike.

The joy of discovering these treats isn’t limited to Costco members. Thanks to widespread distribution plans, the Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches will be available at various retailers across the country, including Kroger and Meijer. This accessibility ensures that all fans, regardless of their shopping preferences, can partake in the minty goodness this summer.

Social media platforms are buzzing with anticipation and satisfaction from those who’ve already had the pleasure of trying these ice cream sandwiches. From declarations of love for the new treat to jokes about needing a box “like yesterday,” it’s clear that the Thin Mints Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches have struck a chord with dessert aficionados.

Even Chipwich, the brand behind the original ice cream cookie sandwich, has expressed excitement about their collaboration with the Girl Scouts. Their hopeful message, “❤🍪🍪 we hope everyone enjoys them!” echoes the sentiments of fans eagerly awaiting their chance to try this innovative dessert.

This partnership between the Girl Scouts and Chipwich is more than just a new product launch; it’s a celebration of two beloved treats coming together to create something uniquely delicious. The Thin Mints Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches represent a fusion of tradition and innovation, offering a novel way to enjoy the classic flavor of Thin Mint cookies in a form that’s perfect for beating the summer heat.

As word of this delightful new option spreads, fans are rushing to get their hands on a box (or two) of these ice cream sandwiches, proving that the love for Girl Scout cookies knows no bounds. Whether you’re a lifelong fan of Thin Mints or simply looking for a refreshing treat to enjoy during the warmer months, the Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches are sure to satisfy your cravings and add an extra dash of joy to your summer.

So, next time you’re at Costco, Kroger, Meijer, or any other retailer that stocks the original Chipwich, keep an eye out for this minty marvel. With its irresistible combination of flavors and textures, the Girl Scouts Thin Mints Ice Cream Cookie Sandwiches are poised to become the summer’s hottest (or should we say coolest?) treat. Don’t miss your chance to dive into this minty, chocolatey bliss and make your summer a little sweeter.