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Costco Chronicles: The Candid Take on What Not to Buy

Oh, the mighty Costco, a wonderland of wholesale deals and bulk buys that can make any shopping cart look tiny. But hey, did you know that even the most die-hard Costco fans have their “thanks, but no thanks” list? Enter Michigan’s very own James and Elyse Koskela, our guides in navigating the Costco cosmos. These two aren’t just fans; they’re Costco royalty. Picture this: a love story that blossomed in the aisles of Costco, leading to Costco-themed wedding anniversaries. Yes, you read that right. They even named their son Kirk, as in Kirkland Signature!

But let’s dive into the nitty-gritty. The Koskelas have their insider tips on what to skip during your next Costco spree. And who better to trust than a couple who literally found love in a Costco aisle?

  • Kirkland Signature Toilet Paper: Ah, the eternal quest for the perfect TP. While Costco’s version is a steal, James prefers a different feel. He’s all about that softer, stronger vibe. But hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, Costco’s return policy is as generous as their bulk sizes. Just remember, you might end up returning a whole lot of toilet paper!
  • Copy Paper – Here’s where James the businessman jumps in. He’s all about saving pennies and says that the generic copy paper at Costco doesn’t make the cut. He’s out there, coupon in hand, scouting for better deals elsewhere. It’s a paper chase, and James is winning.
  • Bird Food – Elyse, a friend to our feathered friends, has her own take on bird food. The mix at her local Costco? Not quite up to par for Michigan’s picky birds. Her advice? Go local, go specific. Safflower seeds, to be exact. No waste, no grackles. It’s a bird food saga!
  • Party Snacks – When it comes to party snacks, Elyse knows her stuff. She dares to utter the ‘S’ word – yes, Sam’s Club. For those indulgent, regret-the-next-day kind of snacks, she suggests a little field trip away from Costco. It’s a snack adventure!
  • Kirkland Signature 2L Olive Oil – Elyse brings us back to the kitchen with a reality check on olive oil. Two liters might sound like a dream, but let’s be real, how much olive oil can one family use? Plus, olive oil is like fine wine; it doesn’t age well. Her tip: smaller is smarter.

Despite these few hiccups on the Costco love train, the Koskelas are still cruising down those warehouse aisles. From their beloved rotisserie chicken to the hidden gems of prescription savings and tire services, their Costco cart is always full. But hey, even the biggest fans know that sometimes, less is more.

So next time you’re navigating the vastness of Costco, remember the Koskelas’ wisdom. Not everything in bulk is a bargain, and sometimes, the best deal is knowing what to leave on the shelf. Happy Costco-ing!