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Costco’s Legendary S’mores Cookies Make a Sweet Return This Summer

As the temperature rises, so does our craving for sweet, indulgent treats that don’t require firing up the oven. For those who dread heating their kitchen but love a delightful dessert, Costco’s bakery has become a go-to spot. Known for its wide array of cookies, pies, and breads, Costco’s bakery section has something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth. This summer, they’re bringing back a crowd favorite that customers have dubbed the “best ever made”—the much-anticipated S’mores Cookies.

The Sweet Comeback of Costco’s S’mores Cookies

Introduced last summer, Costco’s S’mores Cookies quickly captured the hearts of dessert lovers. Originally inspired by a viral TikTok recipe created by Allrecipes contributor Nea Arentzen, these cookies encapsulate the essence of a classic campfire treat. The recipe features a unique twist on the traditional cookie by incorporating graham cracker flour and wrapping the dough around a graham cracker base layered with chocolate chips and marshmallows. This innovative method ensures that each cookie melts into a gooey, delightful mess, reminiscent of a real s’mores experience when heated.

As summer rolls in, Costco has restocked its bakery aisles with these beloved cookies, much to the delight of fans nationwide. Social media platforms like Reddit and Instagram are buzzing with excitement, as users confirm the return of these treats to store shelves. Priced at approximately $9.99 for a tub of 24 cookies, they offer both quality and value, making them a perfect addition to any summer gathering or a simple family dessert night.

Why Costco’s S’mores Cookies Are a Must-Try

There’s something inherently nostalgic about s’mores that evokes memories of campfires and starlit nights. Costco’s take on the s’mores cookie perfectly captures this sentiment, making it more than just a dessert. It’s an experience. These cookies are not only delicious straight out of the box but reach a new level of indulgence when warmed up. A quick spin in the microwave or air fryer turns them delightfully soft and melty, ideal for those looking to recreate the classic campfire s’mores flavor without any of the hassle.

Get Them While They’re Hot

Given their popularity last year, these s’mores cookies are expected to fly off the shelves, particularly during peak summer holiday weekends. For those planning to host or attend summer parties, picnics, or potlucks, grabbing a tub—or several—early in the season is wise. Not only will they serve as a delicious treat for your guests, but they’ll also add a special touch to your summer festivities, ensuring that your contribution to any event is both unique and memorable.

A Treat for All Occasions

Whether you’re looking for a quick snack to satisfy a sweet craving or need an easy yet impressive dessert option for a gathering, Costco’s S’mores Cookies are a perfect choice. They embody the spirit of summer and bring a touch of whimsy to your dessert table. Plus, their ease of preparation makes them an excellent option for all ages to enjoy—a quick heat-up in the microwave makes them just as enjoyable as spending time around the campfire.

Conclusion: Embrace the Sweetness of Summer

As Costco continues to cater to the tastes of its customers with seasonal favorites like the S’mores Cookies, it’s clear that these treats are more than just food; they’re a celebration of season and sentiment. This summer, embrace the simplicity and deliciousness of these cookies. Whether you’re sharing them with friends at a barbecue or enjoying a quiet moment alone, Costco’s S’mores Cookies are sure to make your summer a little sweeter. So head to your local Costco, grab a tub of these nostalgic treats, and prepare to indulge in the taste of summer—no campfire required.