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Costco’s Sugared Orange Rolls Stir Up Sweet Controversy Among Shoppers

At Costco, where the vast aisles and bulk items unite shoppers in a common quest for value, the bakery section has long been a haven of unanimous delight. Yet, the recent introduction of Sugared Orange Rolls at an inviting price of $8.99 has whipped up an unexpected whirlwind of debate among the Costco community.

Described enticingly by a TikTok user, @costcoguide, as a unique blend of croissant pastry infused with cinnamon and orange zest, then generously coated in sugar, these rolls promise a tantalizing taste reminiscent of churros entwined with the zesty freshness of orange rolls. This mouth-watering description, however, has not been enough to ward off a surge of skepticism and critique from some members of the Costco family.


Grab or pass? Sugared orange roll made with a croissant pastry, real butter, cinnamon, orange zest and covered in sugar. Try them heated up! #costco #costcofinds #foodie #foodies #reels

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Amidst the divided opinions, some voices have emerged, casting doubts on the unconventional pairing of orange and cinnamon. “Doesn’t look great. And why orange and cinnamon combo? It’s not traditional at all,” one critique pondered, highlighting a preference for the familiar over the novel. Meanwhile, others expressed a singular disdain for the orange flavor, wishing for a variation that omits this controversial citrus twist.

The debate further intensified on Reddit, where firsthand tasters contributed their reviews. Although a few praised the rolls’ distinct orange flavor, the lack of frosting emerged as a common grievance, dampening the overall enjoyment for some. “I thought the orange flavor was good. But they need frosting,” lamented one Redditor, echoing a sentiment for that perfect finishing touch.

Even the packaging of the Sugared Orange Rolls has not escaped scrutiny, with some pointing out that the chosen box does little to preserve the rolls’ freshness, a crucial factor in the enjoyment of bakery delights. “They were a fail for me because they are stale out the door. You can’t use a box like this unless you bake fresh EVERY MORNING,” a concerned customer voiced, advocating for a packaging rethink to ensure peak deliciousness upon purchase.

Despite the ripples of dissent, the Sugared Orange Rolls have found their champions among Costco shoppers, with some declaring them a delightful addition to their morning routines and even the best bakery find in the past year. This dichotomy of opinions underscores the diverse palates and preferences that converge under the vast roof of Costco, where every new product introduction is an opportunity for discovery and debate.

So, as the Sugared Orange Rolls continue to make their way into Costco warehouses nationwide, the question remains: Have you ventured a taste? Whether they’re a hit or a miss in your book, one thing’s for certain—the bakery aisle at Costco will never be quite the same.