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Costco’s Sweet Surprise: Frozen Reese’s Banana Slices Hit the Shelves

Credit: All Recipes

You’re strolling down the aisles of your favorite warehouse club, minding your own business, when suddenly, you spot something that makes your heart skip a beat. That’s right – we’re talking about Costco’s latest frozen sensation: Reese’s-covered banana slices!

For all you chocolate-peanut butter aficionados out there, this is the moment you’ve been waiting for. Combining the creamy goodness of bananas with the irresistible duo of milk chocolate and peanut butter chips, these frozen treats are a match made in dessert heaven.

Now, you might be wondering where this sweet surprise came from. Well, it turns out that Costco isn’t the first to jump on the frozen banana bandwagon. This delectable delight made its debut as a Walmart-exclusive item back in October 2023. But fear not, Costco members – you can now get your hands on a 1.25-pound bag of these candy-coated goodies for just $9.99.

Since hitting the shelves, these frozen banana slices have been causing quite the stir among shoppers. From TikTok to Reddit, people can’t stop buzzing about their newfound obsession.

“Ugh love these,” one ecstatic fan exclaimed on a TikTok shared by Costco fan account @costcoaisles.

And it seems the reviews are in, with one Reddit user declaring, “The flavor starts off as banana then the Reese’s creeps up in the aftertaste. I would highly recommend them if you are a Reese’s fan.”

But hold your horses – not everyone is singing praises for these frozen delights. Some customers have been left feeling less than impressed.

“No taste of peanut butter, barely can see any. Only taste chocolate, and not a good chocolate, and a tiny bit of banana. Very disappointing,” one disappointed TikTok user lamented.

And another echoed the sentiment, saying, “Sadly they aren’t as good as I hoped. the banana was soggy.”

But fear not, fellow dessert enthusiasts – all hope is not lost. For those seeking an alternative, many shoppers have recommended a similar product from the brand Tru Fru or even suggested trying your hand at making the frozen treat yourself.

“This is the easiest thing to make at home and it’ll taste better. Save your money,” one savvy TikTok user advised.

Now, if you’re curious about the backstory behind these frozen delights, here’s the scoop. The Reese’s Frozen Fruit Banana Slices are just one of the offerings from Hershey’s chocolate-covered frozen fruit line. And let’s just say, they’re in good company. Joining them on the frozen fruit roster are cookies ‘n’ creme frozen strawberries, white creme and milk chocolate frozen blueberries, and white creme and milk chocolate frozen raspberries.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Reese’s fan or just looking for your next sweet fix, Costco’s frozen banana slices are sure to hit the spot. Grab a bag (or two) on your next Costco run and get ready to indulge in a frozen treat that’s bananas – in the best way possible!