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Costco’s Sweet Swap: Gigantic Chocolate Chip Cookie Takes the Churro’s Throne!

Credit: Reddit/Diablo_Diego24

Hold onto your shopping carts, Costco enthusiasts! The wholesale giant has just pulled a dessert switcheroo that’s sending shockwaves through the snack world. Yes, you heard it right – the beloved churro has passed the sugary baton to a new, colossal contender: the 750-calorie Chocolate Chip Cookie. 

Let’s talk about this culinary behemoth. Priced at a wallet-friendly $2.49, this isn’t just any cookie – we’re talking a 7-inch circle of chocolatey bliss that could double as a frisbee in a pinch. It’s a dollar more than the churro’s humble $1.49, but with this cookie’s size and calorie count, it’s like you’re getting a meal and a half.

Now, for the juicy details. This Double Chocolate Chunk Cookie is served warm (because who eats cold cookies, right?) and is made from an all-butter recipe that would make your grandma nod in approval. The chocolate? A divine mix of bittersweet and sweet chunks, because why settle for one type of chocolate when you can have two?

The cookie’s sheer size is something to behold. It’s thick, it’s wide, and it’s unapologetically indulgent. It’s the kind of dessert that whispers “gym tomorrow” as you take another bite. With 750 calories, it’s basically a heavyweight champion in the dessert category.

So, what’s the verdict on Costco’s new mega-cookie? It’s like they took the essence of happiness and baked it into a 7-inch circle. Whether it fills the churro-shaped hole in your heart is up for debate, but one thing’s for sure – Costco’s food court just got a little more chocolatey and a lot more interesting. 

Farewell, churros, you will be missed, but hello, giant cookie – welcome to our shopping trips and possibly our cheat days. Get ready to experience this chunky, chocolatey marvel on your next Costco run. Your taste buds might just throw a little party.