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How Does Your Costco Spending Stack Up? A Look at the Average Shopper’s Habits

When it comes to shopping at Costco, the numbers speak volumes. With its combination of bulk products, quality items, and competitive prices, it’s no surprise that the average Costco member spends about $3,000 annually, translating to roughly $250 each month. This statistic, sourced from consumer data company Numerator, highlights not only the value that Costco offers but also the shopping patterns of its loyal customer base.

Monthly Spending Insights

Breaking down the $3,000 yearly expenditure, we see that a typical Costco shopper’s monthly budget of $250 often covers bi-weekly shopping trips averaging $100 each, plus an additional $25 for those irresistible last-minute finds that catch your eye as you roam the aisles. This pattern suggests that many Costco shoppers are strategic, planning their visits and purchases rather than succumbing to spontaneous spending sprees.

Who Shops at Costco?

Costco isn’t just a store; it’s a community of savvy shoppers. According to Numerator, Costco members tend to utilize their club cards significantly more than average shoppers, spending 70% more on club products. This indicates a strong loyalty to the Costco brand and an appreciation for the savings that shopping at this wholesale club can offer.

Moreover, nearly half of all Costco members opt for the Executive membership. This premium tier of membership, which costs an additional $60 annually, rewards shoppers with perks like 2% cashback on purchases, enhancing the shopping experience and providing added value.

Smart Shopping at Costco

Costco shoppers are typically more deliberate about their purchases compared to the average consumer. Numerator’s data suggests that impulse buying is less common among Costco’s clientele, underscoring the store’s appeal to thoughtful consumers who prefer to make informed decisions. This trait aligns well with the ethos of Costco, which caters to individuals looking for the best deals on high-quality items.

Current Opportunities at Costco

The appeal of Costco is further reinforced by its proactive approach to pricing, especially in economically uncertain times. As shared by Costco’s now-former CFO Richard Galanti during the March 2024 earnings call, the company is actively reducing prices on select items such as reading glasses, Kirkland batteries, and frozen fruit. These price reductions are part of Costco’s broader strategy to offer relief to shoppers concerned about inflation and to maintain its edge in the competitive retail market.

For those looking to hedge against inflation, Costco also offers products like gold bars, which have been particularly popular among shoppers. This interest in gold bars reflects a broader trend of consumers seeking stable investment options in fluctuating economic climates.

What’s Next for Costco Members?

Looking ahead, Costco continues to expand its offerings through the Costco Next program, which introduces members to a range of brands partnered directly with the retailer. This initiative allows members to purchase directly from these brands at lower prices, bypassing traditional markups. With 70 brands already participating and an additional 20 expected by the end of 2024, this program is set to provide even more value and variety to Costco members.


The profile of a typical Costco shopper is clear: they are savvy, budget-conscious, and loyal. With an average spend of $250 per month, Costco members are making the most of their memberships by taking advantage of both the savings on everyday items and the unique benefits offered through programs like Costco Next. Whether you’re already a member or considering joining, Costco’s blend of quality, variety, and value is designed to meet the needs of its diverse customer base, making each shopping trip both economical and enjoyable. If you find yourself within or above this average spending range, you’re likely maximizing what Costco has to offer. If not, perhaps it’s time to explore new sections of the store or consider how a Costco membership could fit into your lifestyle.