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My $10 Costco Crush: The Hot Sauce That Heats Up My Winter

Credit: Costco

Ah, winter. That time of year when my quest for warmth becomes almost as important as my search for the next binge-worthy TV show. It’s a season of contrasts: the icy chill outside against the cozy embrace of a heated home, the bare trees against the comfort of a thick, fluffy blanket. And as a seasoned Costco aficionado (we’re talking a solid 12-year love affair with this wonderland of bulk buys), I’ve turned this quest for warmth into an art form. Sure, Costco’s aisles are a treasure trove of snug blankets, heartwarming casseroles, and those irresistible ready-to-heat beverages. But this winter, I’m spicing things up—quite literally.

Enter my latest Costco crush: Frank’s RedHot Sauce. This fiery condiment isn’t just another item in my cart; it’s my culinary companion through the frosty months. Let me take you through the spicy saga of why this sauce is the MVP of my winter kitchen lineup.

Why Frank’s RedHot Sauce is the Spice of Life

Imagine a hot sauce so iconic that it claims the crown as the secret behind the original Buffalo wings recipe. That’s Frank’s RedHot for you. Sure, the hot sauce aisle at any grocery store is a rainbow of capsaicin-laden options, but Frank’s? It’s the classic. The OG of hot sauce. And when it comes to stocking up on this liquid gold, Costco has the hookup: two generous 25-ounce bottles for less than $10. A steal, if you ask me, especially when a single, slightly smaller bottle demands nearly the same price at the local supermarket.

Creative Ways to Warm Up with Frank’s RedHot

Now, you might be thinking, “Sure, Buffalo wings are a no-brainer.” And you’re not wrong. But let me paint you a picture of a world where Frank’s RedHot elevates everything from comfort food classics to veggie delights. Imagine pulling apart a Buffalo-stuffed sweet potato, its sweetness mingling with the tangy heat of Frank’s. Or wrapping up a Buffalo chicken wrap, each bite a perfect harmony of flavors.

But why stop there? Picture diving into the ultimate Buffalo chicken dip at your next gathering, or adding a spicy twist to movie night with Buffalo-style Chex Mix. And for those who believe that mac and cheese is life, imagine a crispy, baked Buffalo mac and cheese that marries creamy goodness with a kick of heat.

Vegetarians, fear not: Frank’s RedHot has got your back too. Transform cauliflower into crispy, air-fried Buffalo bites or assemble a Buffalo cauliflower bowl that’s a symphony of textures and tastes, topped with creamy avocado and green tahini.

The Heat is On

So, as I navigate the winter wonderland that is Costco, with its promise of warmth in every aisle, I do so with a mission. Amid the cozy blankets and the comfort food, it’s a bottle (or two) of Frank’s RedHot Sauce that completes my winter survival kit. It’s more than just a hot sauce; it’s a way to add a spark of joy and warmth to the colder months.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s these little pleasures that make the winter season not just bearable, but delightful. And as I liberally apply Frank’s RedHot to pretty much everything on my plate, I’m reminded of the beauty of finding warmth in the most unexpected places—even if it’s in the fiery embrace of my favorite hot sauce. So here’s to staying toasty, one spicy meal at a time.