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My $2.29 Obsession at Trader Joe’s: Sweet Plantain Chips

Credit: Trader Joes

Let me take you on a little journey to a place I call snack heaven, also known as Trader Joe’s. This magical land is filled with treasures that delight the palate, from the dizzying array of dried fruits and nuts that could make a squirrel swoon, to the addictive herb popcorn and those tangy rolled chili lime tortilla chips that dance on your taste buds. And don’t even get me started on the fancy dried apricots that have become my daily dose of happiness, all thanks to Emma Christensen’s enthusiastic endorsement.

But, dear friends, amidst this cornucopia of munchable delights, there’s one snack that has stealthily crept into my heart and, more importantly, my shopping cart, every single time I venture into Trader Joe’s. I speak, of course, of the legendary Sweet Plantain Chips, a snack so enchanting that it deserves its own epic tale.

Picture this: On a day like any other, driven by whimsy and a penchant for culinary adventure, I reached for a bag of these golden crisps. Little did I know, this was not just any day—it was the day that would redefine snacking for me. At a mere $2.29, it was a gamble I was willing to take, but oh, what a payoff!

Why, you might ask, do I find myself ensnared in the crunchy clutches of these sweet plantain chips? Let me count the ways. These chips strike the perfect balance between light and crispy, without a hint of greasiness or the fragility of chips that crumble upon touch. They’re sliced on a bias, offering an elongated chip that’s not only a joy to behold but also to devour. The taste? Imagine the lovechild of kettle corn’s sweet-salty perfection and the subtle, starchy goodness of plantains. It’s a snack that can easily lead to half a bag disappearing in a single sitting, and I say that with neither shame nor regret.

But wait, there’s more! While these chips are a standalone marvel, their versatility knows no bounds. Dipping? Absolutely. Their shape makes them the ideal vehicle for sauces galore. Whether it’s a garlicky green sauce, a hearty black bean dip, or a smoky chipotle mayo, these chips are up for the challenge. And let’s not forget their potential as a salad sidekick, adding that perfect crunch to a Southwestern-style salad or even making a cameo as a crouton substitute.

Now, a word of caution from one snack lover to another: these chips are not just addictive, they’re practically irresistible. My husband can attest to their allure, though he might also mention the times I’ve hidden bags from him (a strategy I wholeheartedly recommend for fellow enthusiasts).

So, the next time you find yourself wandering the aisles of Trader Joe’s, do yourself a favor and grab not one, but at least two bags of Sweet Plantain Chips. Because, believe me, one bag is merely a tease for your taste buds, and there’s nothing more tragic than reaching for more of these crispy delights, only to find you’ve come to the end of the bag.

In the end, whether you’re a seasoned Trader Joe’s adventurer or a newcomer to its wonders, these Sweet Plantain Chips stand as a testament to the joy of discovery. So here’s to the snack that turned an ordinary shopping trip into a quest for the holy grail of munchies. May your bags be plentiful, and your snacking be ever joyful!