Our Favorite Plants and Flowers: Trader Joes Brain Cacti in Ceramic Skull $7.99

📷 Credit: Trader Joe’s

Guess what? Trader Joe’s is getting into the spirit of Día de los Muertos, and they’re doing it with style.

You know how skulls and greens go hand in hand during this season, right? It’s a tradition that honors the departed and adds a festive touch to Halloween celebrations. Well, your friendly neighborhood Trader Joe’s is all about embracing tradition with a modern twist.

Introducing the Trader Joe’s Brain Cactus in a Small Ceramic Skull—a clever addition to their lineup. They’ve taken small, white, glazed Ceramic Skulls and filled them with “Brain Cacti” that, well, look like little brains. These cacti are easy to care for, thriving with minimal watering and happy indoors or in bright sunlight.

Now, here’s the fun part—they’re offering these Brain Cacti in Small Ceramic Skulls at a price that won’t leave you scratching your head. But beware, these quirky decorations are bound to disappear fast, so grab one while it’s fresh on your mind!

So, are they cool? Absolutely! Trader Joe’s knows how to make the season a little more interesting.

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