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Sam’s Club Shakes Up the Food Court Game with Customer-Chosen Sundae

Sam’s Club is spicing up its food court menu in a way that’s bound to tantalize the taste buds of its members and perhaps even lure in a few from Costco. While the warehouse club membership might primarily be for the bulk goods and surprise finds, the food court has become a beloved staple for an affordable post-shopping treat. Both Costco and Sam’s Club members have long enjoyed ending their shopping spree with a budget-friendly meal, ranging from pizza slices to their own versions of the classic hot dog and soda combo—Costco with its $1.50 deal and Sam’s Club just under at $1.38.

However, it’s not just about offering cheaper eats. The food court experience contributes significantly to the overall value and appeal of shopping at these warehouse clubs. Recognizing this, Sam’s Club took an innovative step by involving its customers directly in the decision-making process for introducing a new item to their menu, showing that customer engagement goes beyond mere transactions.

A New Dessert Makes Its Debut

In a unique move, Sam’s Club turned to social media to let the public—members and non-members alike—have their say in what new dessert should grace their food court menu. The choices were tantalizing: a Tuxedo Chocolate Bar Cake Sundae, a Chantilly Bar Cake and Fruit Sundae, and an Apple Turnover Sundae. The public has spoken, and the Tuxedo Chocolate Bar Cake Sundae emerged as the victor, promising to add a decadent treat to the food court’s offerings starting April 1.

The Tuxedo Chocolate Bar Cake Sundae isn’t just any dessert; it’s a celebration of Sam’s Club’s bakery prowess, layering chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, and cream cheese filling, all topped with a lavish dark and milk chocolate ganache. This addition not only reflects the warehouse club’s commitment to quality but also its openness to involving customers in shaping the shopping experience.

A Welcoming Food Court Policy

In a landscape where membership clubs often have strict access policies, Sam’s Club stands out by welcoming everyone to its food court, member or not. This inclusive approach is in contrast to Costco’s tighter restrictions on non-member access to its food court—a move that Sam’s Club has chosen not to follow, possibly enhancing its appeal to a broader audience.

Expanding Horizons

The introduction of the new sundae is just one part of Sam’s Club’s broader strategy for growth and modernization. With plans to open more than 30 new locations across the U.S. in the coming years and a commitment to revamping its existing stores, Sam’s Club is on a mission to enhance its shopping environment. The first of these new locations is set to open its doors in Florida in 2024, signaling the beginning of an ambitious expansion phase.

This expansion isn’t limited to physical spaces; it extends to the digital realm and operational efficiency. The launch of five new supply chain fulfillment and distribution centers in 2023, including a cutting-edge facility in Georgia, underlines Sam’s Club’s focus on improving the shopping experience from all angles. The club’s investment in in-club technology, such as Scan & Go Checkout and Curbside Pickup, further demonstrates its dedication to creating a seamless and enjoyable shopping journey for its members.

The introduction of the customer-chosen Tuxedo Chocolate Bar Cake Sundae to Sam’s Club’s food court menu is more than just a new dessert option—it’s a testament to the club’s innovative approach to customer engagement, its expansive vision for the future, and its unwavering commitment to providing value and quality to its members. As Sam’s Club continues to evolve, it reaffirms its status as a formidable contender in the warehouse club market, inviting shoppers to not only save but to be part of a community that values their input and satisfaction.