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Sweet Valentine’s Delight: Costco’s Chocolate-Covered Strawberries Are Back!

Love is in the air, and so is the sweet scent of freshly dipped chocolate-covered strawberries! If you’re a Costco shopper with a craving for something decadent this Valentine’s Day, you’re in luck—because one of the warehouse club’s most beloved treats has made its triumphant return for 2024.

On February 6th, eagle-eyed Laura Lamb, the mastermind behind the popular Costco fan account @costcohotfinds, spotted the delightful sight: Costco’s seasonal chocolate-covered strawberries were back on the shelves. These mouthwatering berries are expertly hand-dipped in a rich chocolatey coating and delicately drizzled with white chocolate for an extra festive touch. Plus, with their long stems, they’re not only elegant but also practical for enjoying your sweet treat without making a mess.

“They’re done so beautifully and they’re such a fun treat to snack on,” gushed Lamb in a video shared on her Instagram page.

And she’s not the only one singing their praises! In the comments section, fellow Costco enthusiasts couldn’t contain their excitement at the return of these delectable delights.

“These are so delicious,” exclaimed one fan. “I’ve bought these several times & have never been disappointed. SO good.”

“They were so fresh and delicious,” chimed in another satisfied customer.

Priced at $12.99 a box at Lamb’s local warehouse, each container seems to hold about a dozen strawberries—making them the perfect shareable treat for Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart or a friend.

But if you’ve got your heart set on snagging a box of these fruity confections, don’t dilly-dally! In previous years, Costco has only offered them for a limited time leading up to February 14th.

And if chocolate-covered strawberries aren’t quite your jam, fear not! Costco has a treasure trove of other Valentine’s Day-themed treats and goodies to tickle your taste buds. Take, for example, Nuovo’s Italian Four Cheese Heart-Shaped Ravioli—back in stock since last month. These delectable heart-shaped pasta pillows are filled with a luxurious blend of creamy ricotta, mozzarella, parmesan, and aged asiago cheese, all nestled within a deep red pasta shell. Perfect for a romantic dinner in, and priced at just $9.99 for a two-pound pack.

But wait, there’s more! Costco’s Valentine’s Day lineup also features Le Chic Pâtissier’s Heart Shaped Macarons, The Popcorn Factory’s Valentine’s Day Tin, and the indulgent Sugar Plum Boo Box—packed with milk chocolate-covered pretzels, cookies, graham crackers, cherry candy bites, nonpareils, a milk chocolate crispy heart cookie, and a snack mix boasting brownie, cookie, and caramel bits.

So, whether you’re treating yourself or spoiling someone special, Costco’s Valentine’s Day offerings are sure to sweeten the occasion. Don’t miss out on spreading the love with these delightful treats—head to your local warehouse and make this Valentine’s Day one to remember!