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Unlocking Value at Costco: 6 High-End Items That Frequently Go on Sale

Costco is renowned for blending high quality with high savings, making it a go-to for both everyday essentials and more luxurious purchases. While small buys like eggs and milk are consistently affordable, the real savings often manifest in the larger, more expensive items. In fact, these high-ticket items can not only provide substantial savings but also help cover the cost of Costco’s $120 Executive membership through the 2% cash back reward, enhancing the value of your purchases.

For those who cherish both savings and quality, here are six high-end products that frequently feature significant discounts at Costco, along with the best times to find these deals.

1. Kitchen Appliances

Whether you’re undertaking a full kitchen renovation or simply need to replace an outdated appliance, Costco offers year-round deals on kitchen appliances. Notable sales often occur around major holidays such as President’s Day, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July. For example, ahead of Memorial Day, you might find an LG Smart Electric Slide-In Range with Convection Oven discounted by $500, with an additional savings of $300 if you spend $1,999 on LG products. Similarly, the LG Smart French Door Refrigerator may also be available for $500 off during the same period.

2. Outdoor Patio Dining Sets

Enhancing your outdoor space becomes more enticing with Costco’s deals on patio dining sets, especially timed with Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and early fall. During these periods, it’s common to find reductions of up to $500 as Costco makes room for new seasonal inventory. These discounts offer a great opportunity to upgrade your backyard without breaking the bank.

3. Living Room Furniture

Costco’s selection of sofas and other living room furniture can transform your indoor spaces just as much as your outdoor ones. Frequent sales near the store’s entrance often feature two or three sofas with significant markdowns. For instance, online shoppers might find sectional sofas reduced by up to $500. If the piece you like isn’t currently on sale, waiting until fall could be beneficial, as more extensive furniture sales tend to happen then.

4. LED TVs

The allure of a new LED TV is hard to resist, especially when walking past the eye-catching displays at the entrance of Costco. With a variety of 4K UHD LED Smart TVs always on sale, the primary decision for shoppers becomes the size and brand of the TV. Costco carries models from leading manufacturers like LG, Sony, and Samsung. The best times to find deeper discounts are around the winter holidays, Super Bowl Sunday, and competitive sales periods like Amazon Prime Day.

5. All-inclusive Vacations, Hotel Stays, and Cruises

For those looking to stretch their vacation budget, Costco offers a range of discounted travel packages. Whether it’s a local weekend retreat or an international adventure, Costco’s travel deals often include perks like room upgrades and Costco Shop Card rebates. This makes luxury travel more accessible, especially considering the average cost of a couples’ vacation in the U.S. is nearly $4,000 per week.

6. Gazebos

Costco’s assortment of gazebos and screenhouses, ranging in price from under $600 to over $5,000, often sees discounts of several hundred to a thousand dollars. The end of the summer season is typically the best time to shop for these items, though sales occur throughout the year. For example, the Paragon Santa Monica Aluminum Gazebo might be found for $300 to $500 off during a spring sale.

For savvy shoppers, knowing when and where to look for these deals at Costco can lead to impressive savings on high-quality items. By timing purchases around sales events and holiday seasons, you can make the most of your membership and enjoy substantial discounts on a range of luxury products. This strategic approach to shopping at Costco not only maximizes value but also enhances the shopping experience by making premium items more attainable.