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Why Costco Travel Doesn’t Suit My Vacation Style

For the past 18 years, my Costco membership has been a source of great deals and discoveries, from glasses to prescriptions. Yet, when it comes to vacation planning, my experiences and preferences have led me down different paths, particularly with Costco Travel.

Once, I almost used Costco Travel for a 2020 summer trip, but, like many plans that year, it was shelved due to the pandemic. Since then, my attempts to integrate Costco Travel into my vacation planning haven’t quite worked out, and here’s why.

Costco Travel offers a plethora of options for those interested in popular vacation destinations. From Caribbean resorts to Disneyland adventures, there’s no shortage of enticing packages. The challenge arises when you’re someone like me, who seeks less trodden paths and quieter, more personal experiences.

My recent trips have taken me to places like Northern Michigan and Northern Maine—destinations rich in natural beauty but not featured on Costco Travel’s radar. These are places where solitude and nature blend, offering a break from the usual tourist crowds. While Costco Travel caters excellently to those looking for the convenience and allure of mainstream vacation spots, it doesn’t quite match the needs of travelers seeking unique, off-the-grid adventures.

If the allure of Costco Travel is drawing you toward a Costco membership, it’s essential to consider what type of traveler you are. If your heart yearns for undiscovered trails and conversations with locals over popular tourist attractions, you might find Costco Travel’s offerings limiting.

My travel style is spontaneous, relying on local insights and unexpected discoveries. A memorable moment from my trip to Michigan involved stumbling upon a breathtaking spot, thanks to a chance encounter with fellow hikers. Such serendipitous experiences shape my travel memories and are not something I can book through a travel package.

Despite these preferences, I acknowledge the appeal of Costco Travel for many. Its vacation packages simplify planning, offering a seamless way to organize a getaway with just a few clicks. For some, the convenience of having all the details sorted is invaluable. And yes, Costco Travel can be a means to stretch your vacation budget further, but there are alternative strategies for saving on travel without compromising the desire for unique experiences.

Choosing less expensive destinations and opting for road trips over flights are ways I manage costs while staying true to my travel ethos. This summer, as I plan my adventure to Northern Maine, I’ve realized that while Costco Travel might not be my go-to for this trip, it doesn’t diminish its value for others seeking different experiences.

In the future, I might find a destination that aligns with Costco Travel’s offerings, and I’m open to exploring that possibility. But for now, my summer plans will unfold through personal research, local recommendations, and the joy of discovering the unexpected on my own terms.