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Why I Skip the Snacks and Head Straight for the Treasures at Costco!

Let me spill the beans—or rather, not spill them, since I hardly ever toss food into my Costco cart. When gabbing with pals about savvy shopping, someone inevitably pops the question: “What’s your go-to food find at Costco?” Cue my awkward silence. My truth? I breeze past the bites to bask in the glory of home essentials, seasonal decorations, and those unique finds you just can’t snag anywhere else.

Flashback to pre-2019, my hubby and I, plus our fur baby, didn’t see the allure of Costco for our cozy crew. But then, we upgraded from cramped apartment living to homeowners with actual space to fill and suddenly, Costco wasn’t just a store; it was a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Sure, I’ve occasionally succumbed to the siren call of a frozen delight, but my real Costco passion lies among the aisles of chic decor, nifty appliances, and those must-have kitchen gadgets. With new nooks to decorate and a backyard begging for attention, our Costco card became more precious than a golden ticket.

Call me a tactile shopper (or an elder millennial, if you must), but there’s something about physically interacting with items before buying them that just feels right. At Costco, I’m that person who’s got to feel the plushness of a pet blanket or test if a flameless candle truly gives off a cozy vibe.

My Costco cart? It’s usually brimming with more than just bulk buys of coffee or paper towels. I’m on the hunt for those seasonal decor diamonds in the rough. You know, the kind of finds that have visitors to your home asking, “Where did you get that?” Like those statement-making outdoor lanterns or the holiday garland that’s become the star of our Christmas decor.

And let’s talk about the joy of finding items at Costco that you just can’t find anywhere else. Each spring, our garden gets a dose of love with bulk bags of mulch, plant food, and those annual blooms that make our yard the envy of the neighborhood. Costco’s knack for placing irresistible impulse buys along your path? Guilty as charged. That’s how I ended up with the coziest electric blanket, a guest-room gracing 4K TV, and a peace lily that’s thriving more than any houseplant I’ve ever owned.

If you’re picturing me in a Costco uniform, I assure you, I’m not on their payroll. But when it comes to decking out our digs or finding those one-of-a-kind home goods, Costco is my happy place. If you’ve pegged Costco as just a haven for bulk pantry goods, I dare you to dive into their decor section. As fresh-faced homeowners, it’s a move we’ve never regretted. Maybe I’ll bump into you as we both reach for that last chic candle on the shelf!