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Why I’m Stocking Up on Costco’s Melona Ice Cream Bars

Every summer, as the days lengthen and the air fills with the scent of blooming flowers, I eagerly anticipate a few seasonal delights. These include nurturing my modest garden, relishing outdoor adventures in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and most importantly, indulging in the creamy delight of Melona Ice Cream Bars from my local Costco.

A Sweet Discovery

My love affair with Melona Ice Cream Bars began back in college, thanks to a unique tasting party thrown by a friend. It was there that I first experienced the lush, fruity flavors of these Korean treats—flavors that were both new and nostalgically reminiscent of Asian desserts I grew up enjoying. Unlike the typical offerings in American supermarkets, Melona bars captured my palate with their distinctive taste profiles and silky-smooth texture.

The Annual Summer Stock-Up

Living in central Virginia doesn’t offer much in the way of Korean desserts, so I usually find myself driving an hour away to satiate my cravings. However, during the summer months, my local Costco becomes a treasure trove of Melona bars. When they restock, I make sure to clear some space in my freezer, preparing to enjoy these icy delights all season long.

This Year’s Exciting Twist

This summer brought a twist I hadn’t anticipated. Binggrae, the company behind Melona, altered their classic value pack to include new flavors like strawberry alongside the traditional melon and mango. Initially, I was skeptical, particularly as I mourned the absence of the coconut flavor, a personal favorite. But any disappointment evaporated the moment I tasted the strawberry variety, which brought back memories of sipping strawberry milk on warm afternoons. The vibrant, authentic berry flavor paired with a creamy finish was an instant hit.

Why Melona Stands Out

The allure of Melona Ice Cream Bars isn’t just in their flavor. It’s also in their texture—unlike the icier fruit bars on the market, Melona boasts a gelato-like creaminess that sets it apart. Each bite is smooth and luscious, making it a premium treat that’s both refreshing and indulgent.

Melona bars also offer a taste of popular Asian flavors in an accessible format. From the classic honeydew to the exotic mango and the new pistachio, each flavor serves as a delightful introduction to Asian culinary traditions. For those of us in the APIDA community, these flavors are a taste of home.

More Than Just an Ice Cream Bar

Melona’s versatility extends beyond a simple frozen snack. Inspired by the innovative recipes shared on Melona’s social media, such as honeydew daiquiris and coconut panna cotta, I enjoy experimenting with these bars in various desserts. One of my favorite concoctions is a mango Melona float, where I combine the mango ice cream bar with Sprite or seltzer to create a fizzy, tropical treat that’s perfect for cooling down on a hot day.

Looking Ahead

As I stock up on these summer essentials, I’m reminded of the simple joys that these small pleasures bring to my daily life. Whether it’s unwinding on my porch after a long day or hosting a summer barbecue with friends, Melona Ice Cream Bars are a staple that elevate these moments.

While the return of these bars to Costco’s shelves marks the beginning of summer for me, it also highlights the fleeting nature of seasonal favorites. So, this summer, I plan to make the most of Melona’s delightful flavors—savoring each bar and creating new memories with every creamy bite.