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Costco’s New Entry Rules Have Shoppers Eyeing Sam’s Club

In the world of big-box retail, where the battle for customer loyalty is as intense as a season finale cliffhanger, Costco’s latest plot twist has some shoppers rethinking their allegiances. The protagonist of our story? A shiny new membership check-in system, complete with scanning kiosks that have made their debut in Costco warehouses, starting in Issaquah, Washington—right across the street from Costco’s HQ, no less!

This high-tech gatekeeping gadgetry, while seemingly straight out of a sci-fi flick, hasn’t been a blockbuster hit with everyone. Picture this: You’re on your regular grocery run, armed with a list that’s more ambitious than your New Year’s resolutions. You arrive at Costco, only to be greeted by a line of fellow shoppers waiting to scan their membership cards at this new kiosk. Once scanned, a Costco employee—playing the role of the gatekeeper—verifies your identity on a tablet. Only then are you granted entry into the promised land of bulk buys and bargain deals.

Now, some shoppers are jazzed about this futuristic addition. They’re like, “Bring on the extra security! We’re here for it!” Meanwhile, others feel like they’re stuck in an episode of “The Twilight Zone,” where a simple shopping trip has turned into a test of patience. “Why the extra hoop to jump through?” they wonder, as they reminisce about the good old days of breezing into the store.

The plot thickens as our story shifts to Texas, where TikTok’s famous Costco TV account documented this new system in action. The employee confirmed a crucial detail: Only members get to indulge in the food court’s delights. Non-members can still access the pharmacy, but they need to declare their mission to the entrance guard. And, in a twist, the machine replaces the need to show your card again at checkout. It’s like a high-tech butler, remembering who you are so the cashiers don’t have to.

However, not everyone is ready to roll out the red carpet for these kiosks. Over 3,500 people have chimed in on the video, and while some are giving it two thumbs up, others are ready to change the channel. The critics argue that Costco is making shopping less convenient, and they’re eyeing Sam’s Club as their new go-to retail sanctuary.

Sam’s Club, sensing an opportunity to swoop in like the hero in a rom-com, offers a smoother shopping experience, according to these disgruntled Costco shoppers. They tout Sam’s Club’s futuristic AI exit and scan-and-go system, painting a picture of a shopping utopia free from receipt checks and long lines.

The debate extends to payment methods too, with some shoppers feeling that Costco is being a bit of a drama queen about card usage. “I’ll just go to Sam’s Club where I’m not harassed if I pay with my husband’s card,” one shopper vented. It’s like a scene where the protagonist finally stands up to the overbearing character.

And then there’s the membership fee showdown. Costco’s $60 annual fee is up against Sam’s Club’s $50 tag, with an optional upgrade to the “Plus” tier for $110, offering perks like free curbside pick-up and shipping.

In this retail saga, the ultimate question is: Will Costco’s new high-tech entrance charm its members into staying loyal, or will the allure of Sam’s Club’s seemingly smoother shopping experience and lower fees win over the hearts of the bulk-buying public?

As this story unfolds, one thing is certain: In the world of warehouse shopping, the only constant is change—and a good deal, of course. So, whether you’re Team Costco or Team Sam’s Club, may your shopping carts always be full, and your checkout lines move swiftly!