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How to Maximize Savings on Gift Cards with a Costco Membership

Costco, the wholesale giant, is known for its bulk goods and impressive savings, but one of the lesser-known yet highly beneficial perks of a Costco membership is the opportunity to save big on gift cards. Whether for personal use or as thoughtful gifts, purchasing gift cards from Costco can lead to significant savings. Here are five gift cards you should consider buying at Costco to get the most value for your money.

1. Fly High with Southwest Airlines

For those who frequently travel with Southwest Airlines, Costco offers an exceptional deal on Southwest gift cards. Typically, you can purchase a $500 e-gift card for just $449.99, and sometimes even for $429.99. This could mean a $70 saving just from a single purchase. However, it’s important to note that these gift cards are redeemable only through Southwest’s official channels, including their website and mobile app. This restriction means you must book directly with the airline to use the gift card, which might limit your options if you find cheaper rates through third-party platforms.

2. Grocery Delivery with Instacart

Instacart, a popular grocery delivery service, becomes even more appealing when you can purchase two $100 gift cards for $79.99 each through Costco. This $40 saving can make a significant dent in your grocery bills, especially if you use the service for Costco’s Same-Day deliveries. Although items might be slightly more expensive online than in-store, the convenience and savings from these gift cards make it a worthy investment for those who value time and convenience.

3. Cinematic Savings with Cinemark

Movie enthusiasts will appreciate Costco’s offer on Cinemark gift cards. Members can buy a $50 Cinemark eGift Card for only $39.99, a straightforward $10 saving. These gift cards do not expire and are usable for nearly everything at the cinema, from tickets to concessions. The flexibility to buy up to 10 of these cards can add up to about $100 in savings, making it a fantastic deal for regular moviegoers.

4. Dining Out with Subway

Subway fans can enjoy a 20% saving with Costco’s gift card offer. You can purchase $75 worth of Subway gift cards for only $59.99. These are distributed in packs of five $15 e-gift cards, which can be easily added to your Subway app or used by scanning the QR code at checkout. This deal is perfect for anyone who enjoys a quick, healthy meal on the go without spending full price.

5. Wellness and Relaxation with Spafinder

Spafinder gift cards are perfect for anyone who loves a bit of pampering and self-care. Costco sells two $50 Spafinder gift cards for $79.99, offering a $20 saving. These cards can be used at thousands of participating locations, including spas, wellness centers, and yoga studios, making them a versatile gift for relaxation and health.

Tips for Buying Gift Cards at Costco

While the savings from these gift cards are evident, here are a few tips to ensure you get the best deals:

  • Check Regularly: Costco frequently updates its gift card deals both online and in-store. Regular checks can help you catch new and potentially better offers.
  • Understand Limitations: Some gift cards might have restrictions, such as where or how they can be redeemed. Understanding these details can help you choose the right gift cards for your needs.
  • Bulk Purchases: If you find a particularly good deal, consider buying in bulk, especially if the gift cards don’t expire soon. This is especially useful for services or stores you frequently visit.

Costco’s gift card deals extend beyond these five options, so it’s worth exploring other available offers. Whether enhancing your travel experiences, making movie nights cheaper, saving on groceries, enjoying meals out, or indulging in wellness treatments, Costco’s gift cards can significantly bolster your budget.