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Don’t Overlook this Costco Secret…

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We’ve got a shopping tip that’ll make your wallet do a happy dance

Costco’s ‘Secret’ Gift Card Deals!

Now, we all know Costco for its colossal sizes and epic pies that could double as a flotation device in a pool emergency, but did you know about the hidden treasure trove of savings in the form of discounted gift cards?

I mean, sure, those racks of gift cards might not be as glamorous as the giant jars of pickles or the oversized teddy bears, but they pack a punch when it comes to savings. You might think of gift cards as last-minute panic buys for that distant cousin’s birthday, but Costco’s selection is something you’d want to keep all to yourself. Why? Because they come with jaw-dropping discounts that’ll make your budget do the cha-cha.

We’re talking up to 10% off at your favorite restaurants and stores, folks! It’s like having your cake and eating it too (and saving money on the cake, of course). Whether it’s food, flights, or fun, Costco’s got you covered. Plus, you can even snag these gems online!

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Check out these deals that are hotter than a jalapeño at a salsa festival:

  • $500 at Southwest Airlines for $450 (save $50)
  • $100 at Domino’s for $80 (save $20)
  • $50 at Nintendo eShop for $45 (save $5)
  • $50 at Cinemark for $40 (save $5)
  • $100 at California Pizza Kitchen for $80 (save $20)

And this is just the tip of the savings iceberg, my friends!

Now, we’re not saying you shouldn’t grab some for gifting during the upcoming holiday season, but let’s be real, we want to treat ourselves too! Those flight savings are practically screaming “Vacation time!” So, next time you’re hauling your giant jar of peanut butter or those mega rolls of toilet paper, don’t forget to toss a few of these discounted gift cards into your cart.

The savings are like an extra sprinkle of joy on your shopping trip. And while you’re at it, check out our recommendations for fan-favorite items you never knew you needed.