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Discover the Secret Tomato Treasure at Trader Joe’s That Our Editors Adore

When it comes to shopping for groceries, especially fresh produce, we all have our go-to items that never fail to make it into the cart. Yet, sometimes, amidst the colorful aisles of fruits and vegetables, treasures await that can completely elevate our culinary experiences. One such gem, hiding in plain sight at Trader Joe’s, has captured the hearts and taste buds of our editors: the Kumato Brown Tomato. If you’ve overlooked this variety on your visits, let us convince you why it’s time to make room for them in your kitchen.

Introducing the Kumato Brown Tomato: A Taste of Summer All Year Round

Tomatoes are a staple in many households, but not all tomatoes are created equal. Enter the Kumato Brown Tomato, a variety that breaks the mold of your typical grocery store find. Unlike the standard beefsteaks that might only shine during the peak of summer, Kumato tomatoes boast a remarkable flavor that defies seasonal boundaries.

Our senior commerce editor, Brierley Horton, M.S., RD, an avowed tomato aficionado, puts it this way: “I’m quite particular about my tomatoes. Outside of tomato season, I’m reluctant to venture beyond cherry or grape varieties. Yet, the Kumato tomatoes from Trader Joe’s are the grand exception. They deliver outstanding taste throughout the year, earning a permanent spot on my shopping list.”

What Sets Kumato Tomatoes Apart?

Grown with care, Kumato tomatoes possess a distinctive dark hue and a complex flavor profile that combines juiciness, a balance of tart and sweet, and a depth akin to umami. This combination is reminiscent of the beloved heirloom tomatoes but with the added advantage of year-round availability and consistency.

For Kristin Montemarano, a commerce food writer with deep-rooted ties to the ‘Garden State’ and its rich tomato heritage, the discovery of Kumato tomatoes was transformative. “Having been raised in New Jersey and within an Italian-American family, my standards for tomatoes are high. It was always a seasonal delight from our garden until Kumato tomatoes changed the game for me,” she shares.

Echoing this sentiment, our editorial director, Victoria Seaver, M.S., RD, who also hails from New Jersey, expresses her enthusiasm for these Trader Joe’s finds. “They’re incredibly tasty, and their quality is impressively consistent, which is a rare find among store-bought tomatoes. The fact that I purchase them even during summer speaks volumes about their caliber.”

Creative Ways to Enjoy Kumato Tomatoes

The versatility of Kumato tomatoes means they can seamlessly substitute heirloom varieties in your favorite dishes or inspire new culinary creations. Whether it’s enhancing a Caprese salad, adding depth to a rustic tomato ricotta tart, or simply enjoying them on toast with a drizzle of olive oil and balsamic, the possibilities are endless.

Our editors share some of their personal favorite ways to incorporate Kumato tomatoes into their meals:

  • “I often prepare EatingWell’s Tomato-Corn Pie using Kumato tomatoes.” – Horton
  • “I enjoy incorporating them into salads, pasta dishes, and even roasting them for a hearty soup.” – Montemarano
  • “They’re fantastic in frittatas or simply atop toasted bread.” – Seaver

In conclusion, if you haven’t yet discovered the Kumato Brown Tomato at your local Trader Joe’s, consider this a sign to give them a try. Their unique flavor and versatility might just make them a new staple in your kitchen, proving that sometimes, the most remarkable culinary delights are just an aisle away, waiting to be discovered.