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Score Big Flavor Points with TJ’s Frozen Korean Kimbap – But Hurry, They’re Rolling Out the Door!

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Alright, folks, gather ’round because we’ve got some tasty Trader Joe’s gossip for you. There’s a new star in the frozen food aisle, and it’s causing a real kimbap frenzy. You know, that delectable Korean seaweed and rice roll that’s like sushi’s cool cousin?

Well, it’s taken over the frozen section at Trader Joe’s, and people are losing their minds. But don’t dilly-dally, because these rolls are disappearing faster than a plate of cookies at a kids’ party.

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For just $3.99, you can get your hands on a generously sized kimbap roll that’s been winning hearts left and right. Now, kimbap aficionados know it’s all about the filling, and Trader Joe’s version doesn’t disappoint. It’s got sautéed greens, crunchy root veggies, and zesty pickles, all huddled around a cozy base of braised tofu. And it’s cut into nine delicious pieces, so you can savor every bite.

TikToker Sarah (@ahnestkitchen) got the ultimate seal of approval when her Korean mom gave it the thumbs up. That’s right, folks, it’s “Korean mom approved”! In fact, her mom might even like it more than the ones at her local Korean market – and that’s some high praise.

Now, our fellow foodies on TikTok have some pro tips for you. If you’re thinking about nuking it in the microwave, just hold on a second. TikToker Phuong Le (@theasiantestkitchen) recommends giving it an extra five minutes to rest, because nobody wants a mushy kimbap disaster. And here’s the kicker: she suggests coating those rolls in egg and pan-frying them in sesame oil. Not only does it make them extra delicious, but it also adds a little protein kick to keep you feeling full. Smart, right?

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But here’s the catch, my friends: you’ve got to be quicker than a ninja to snag these bad boys. Trader Joe’s locations are selling out faster than a fresh batch of hotcakes. So, next time you’re on a grocery run and spot that elusive frozen kimbap, don’t think twice – just grab a couple. Your taste buds will thank you later! 🍙🏃‍♀️🛒