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The 6 Most Overrated Costco Items, Straight from Employees

Picture this: You stroll into Costco, your eyes widening at the sight of all those sweet deals waiting to be snagged. From snacks to sofas, it’s a treasure trove of bargains. But hold up – not everything in those hallowed aisles lives up to the hype, at least according to the folks who work there. Here’s a peek at the 6 most overrated Costco items, as revealed by one of the store’s current employees:

1. Food Court Pizza

Ah, the siren call of Costco’s food court pizza – cheesy, greasy, and oh-so-tempting. But according to some employees, this slice might be more sizzle than steak. “It’s always been floppy, too thin in the center, greasy, cheap cheese,” one employee confessed. Looks like our pizza party might need a change of venue…

2. Cherry & Cheese Pastries

From the outside, these pastries seem like a match made in dessert heaven – tart cherry, sweet cream cheese, all wrapped up in flaky pastry goodness. But don’t let appearances fool you. According to one employee, it’s all just “plain dough” that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Looks like it’s time to bid adieu to our cherry-cheese love affair.

3. Rotisserie Chicken

Costco’s rotisserie chicken is practically legendary – juicy, flavorful, and oh-so-convenient. But lately, some customers have been raising eyebrows at its taste, with whispers of it being “chemically” and “soapy.” Could it be the packaging? Whatever the case, it’s got us feeling a little clucked up…

4. Pumpkin Pie

‘Tis the season for pumpkin pie, and Costco’s version has long been a holiday staple. But rumors of a new recipe have left some employees feeling less than thrilled, with one describing the crust as “artificial” and “strangely aftertasted.” Looks like our dessert dreams might be taking a detour this year…

5. Wine Advent Calendar

Twenty-four bottles of wine for under a hundred bucks? Sounds like a steal – until you crack open that first bottle. According to some employees, the quality of these wines leaves much to be desired, with one calling them downright “sucky.” Looks like this advent calendar might need a holiday makeover…

6. Deli Street Tacos

Last but not least, we have the deli street tacos – a quick and easy dinner option for the on-the-go crowd. But according to Costco employees, these tacos might not be worth the hype. “They’re not cheaper than local trucks,” one employee pointed out. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board for our taco Tuesdays…

So there you have it – the unvarnished truth about some of Costco’s most hyped items, straight from the mouths of those who know best. Whether you’re rethinking your pizza order or searching for a new dessert darling, consider this your insider’s guide to navigating the aisles of America’s favorite bulk-buying paradise.