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Costco Shoppers Share Their Top 4 Items to Avoid Buying

We all know Costco is the land of giant teddy bears, mountains of snacks, and enough toilet paper to build a fortress. But hold on to your shopping carts, because not everything at Costco is a home run. In fact, some products might make you question your life choices, and we’re here to spill the bulk-sized beans on what to avoid.

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1. Kirkland Toilet Paper: Okay, let’s talk about Kirkland toilet paper. It’s like sandpaper for your sensitive regions. One brave soul on Reddit said, “It feels so scratchy to me!” Scratchy? That’s not what you want when you’re handling your business. And apparently, it leaves a trail of crumbs like a disoriented bread factory. Even gas station bathrooms might be a step up. Who knew toilet paper could be such a hot topic?

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2. Batteries: Ah, batteries. Costco’s specialty seems to be leaking batteries. They’re like little acid grenades waiting to ruin your TV remote or flashlight. One user wisely quipped, “Definitely their batteries. They never fail… at leaking.” And don’t think you’re safe with the Kirkland brand; they’re like Duracell’s evil twin. It’s a battery mystery wrapped in a leakage enigma.

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3. Heat and Eat prepackaged meals: Costco’s bakery section is a treasure trove of deliciousness. But when it comes to the “Heat and Eat” meals, it’s like playing a game of culinary roulette. Reddit users have given these items a thumbs down, saying you’ll never get what the package promises. One poor soul took a year to forget the disappointment. Chicken tacos that are supposed to be rave-worthy but taste like cardboard? No, thank you.

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4. Kirkland Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner: We all want shampoo that turns our hair into silky, flowing locks. Unfortunately, Kirkland’s Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner seem to have missed the memo. One Costco connoisseur lamented, “Makes even my daughter’s unprocessed hair feel like straw.” Ouch. It seems the formula changed overnight, leaving customers with dry, knotty hair. But hey, it’s a hit-or-miss situation. Some people’s hair apparently loves it, while others may be risking a bad hair day.

So, there you have it, our Costco confessions. Remember, the aisles of Costco are a wonderland, but not everything can be a magic carpet ride. Shop wisely, and may your bulk buys be ever in your favor!