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Hop into Spring with Costco’s Gargantuan Chocolate Bunny: A Whopping Two Feet of Sweetness!

Get ready for a whimsical journey through the aisles of Costco, where a colossal chocolate creation is causing quite the stir. Yes, folks, Easter is hopping around the corner, and Costco is not bunnying around with their latest offering – a massive two-foot-tall chocolate bunny! This isn’t just any Easter treat; it’s a $63 chocolate extravaganza that’s making shoppers’ jaws drop and eyes pop.

Picture this: you’re strolling through Costco, still humming Christmas tunes, and BAM! There it is, standing tall and proud – a chocolate bunny that’s more like a chocolate skyscraper. This isn’t just a snack; it’s a statement. Easter is 67 days away, and Costco is already leaping ahead with this bunny behemoth.

Social media is abuzz, and why wouldn’t it be? This is the stuff chocolate dreams are made of! People online are having a field day, discussing whether this bunny is the Easter bargain of the century or a luxury chocolate investment. Weighing in at a hefty 4.4 pounds, it’s got everyone doing the math. According to, we’re talking about 91 cents per ounce of chocolate goodness. Is it a steal, or is it steep? That’s the $63 question!


2 foot tall gourmet chocolate bunny at Costco!!! ♬ original sound – CostcoHotFinds

But let’s hop back to the real star of the show – the bunny itself. Standing over two feet tall, it’s like the Goliath of Easter treats. You could use it as a centerpiece, a conversation starter, or, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, a workout weight (chocolate curls, anyone?).

Imagine the fun you could have with this chocolate titan. It’s not just a treat; it’s an experience. You could host a chocolate bunny tasting party, turning each bite into a critic’s review. Or how about a game of “Guess How Long the Bunny Lasts”? Winner gets the last piece!

The uproar on social media is a mix of awe, humor, and a dash of sticker shock. But let’s face it, this isn’t your average chocolate rabbit you nibble on in one sitting (unless you’re a chocolate-eating superhero). This is an Easter marathon, not a sprint. It’s the kind of treat you chip away at, little by little, savoring the chocolatey journey as spring blossoms around you.

And yes, some might say $63 for a chocolate bunny is a hop too far. But for others, it’s a unique splurge that brings a little extra joy and a lot of chocolate to the Easter season. After all, how often do you get to say you conquered a two-foot-tall chocolate bunny?

As Easter approaches, this chocolatey giant is set to be the talk of the town. Whether you’re buying it as a show-stopping gift, a family treat, or a delicious challenge, it’s bound to make this Easter a memorable one. So, hop on down to Costco, where the aisles are alive with the sound of chocolate wonder, and take a peek at this legendary bunny. Who knows, you might just be tempted to take one home and start your own Easter legend!