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Get Ready for a New Costco Sammie: Turkey & Swiss Sandwich!

Credit: Mashed

Costco fans! Big news on the food court front: rumor has it there’s a new sandwich in town, and it’s stirring up quite the buzz. But hold onto your shopping carts because not everyone’s jumping for joy just yet.

According to a juicy Reddit thread making the rounds this week, it looks like Costco’s cooking up something new for our taste buds: the Turkey & Swiss Sandwich. Picture this: savory brown turkey, melty Swiss cheese, and a dollop of sun-dried tomato spread, all cozying up between two slices of fresh roll. Sounds pretty tasty, right?

Now, before you start salivating, there’s a catch. Word on the street is this sandwich will set you back $6.99. Yep, you read that right. While it’s a tad cheaper than the infamous roast beef sandwich it might be replacing, some Costco connoisseurs aren’t exactly thrilled about the price hike.

“Why does it gotta be $6.99? Can’t they keep it at $4.99 like the good ol’ days? Is this their way of making up for the disappearing polish dog?” lamented one Redditor.

And that’s not all the griping we’re hearing. Folks are worried that a cold sandwich just won’t cut it. “If it ain’t pressed in a panini grill, count me out,” declared another skeptic.

But hey, the complaints don’t stop there. Some skeptics are predicting a dry, disappointing roll. Others are yearning for the good old days when Costco’s food court was a slice of fried heaven, serving up crispy French fries like they do at Costcos around the globe.

It’s like one disgruntled Redditor put it: “I used to live for Costco’s food court, man. It was my happy place, like Taco Bell. But ever since they axed the polish dog, it’s been downhill. Now it’s starting to feel like Subway—always changing, but never for the better.”

So, what’s the verdict, Costco crew? Are we ready to embrace the Turkey & Swiss Sandwich with open arms, or are we holding out hope for a return to food court glory days? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure: Costco fans are a passionate bunch, and we’ll always have strong opinions about our beloved bulk buys and budget bites!