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These are Our Top 5 Aldi Fan Favorites!

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We’ve all been there, proudly strutting out of Aldi with our shopping carts filled to the brim, ready to drop those brag-worthy lines like, “Yeah, those chips? I got them from Aldi.” It’s like a secret club of savvy shoppers, isn’t it?

Now, with inflation doing its thing everywhere else, Aldi remains a treasure trove of high-quality, wallet-friendly goodness. No wonder it’s one of the fastest-growing grocery stores in America. But here’s the million-dollar question: Which Aldi products are the absolute best and worth every penny? Well, guess what? Aldi has the answers!

For five glorious years, Aldi has been letting its customers do the talking through the Fan Favorites survey. And this year, over 70,000 Aldi lovers chimed in to declare their undying affection for their favorite products. Scott Patton, Aldi’s Vice President of National Buying, probably had a tough time choosing his personal favorites from all the votes!

So, my fellow Aldi aficionados, let’s celebrate these Fan Favorites and keep those carts rolling with confidence.

5: Friendly Farms Low Sugar Greek Yogurt

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Whether you’re blending up a smoothie masterpiece or just treating yourself to a good ol’ yogurt and granola combo, Aldi’s Low-Sugar Greek Yogurt is your trusty sidekick. They’ve got Plain and Vanilla flavors, so basically, they’ve got your back for any yogurt emergency.

4: Clancy’s Kettle Chips

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Aldi’s snack game is so strong that even choosing our top chip feels like we’re betraying the rest. But seriously, Clancy’s Kettle Chips are legendary. Original, Jalapeño, Mesquite Barbecue, or Salt & Vinegar, you can’t go wrong. It’s like picking the coolest member of a boy band—they’re all winners.

3: Fresh Atlantic Salmon with Mediterranean Herb

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Cooking salmon is like climbing a culinary mountain, but not when you’ve got this Mediterranean Herb-seasoned salmon in your cart. It’s pre-seasoned, so you basically just need to choose your adventure and cook it to perfection. Dinner? Done.

2: Specially Selected Ice Cream

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Aldi knows that a shopping trip without a sweet treat is a missed opportunity. That’s where Specially Selected Super Premium Ice Cream swoops in. It’s like gourmet ice cream’s affordable cousin. Chocolate and vanilla are the classics, but keep an eye out for those sneaky limited-time flavors in the Aldi Finds section!

1: Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen Take and Bake Deli Pizza

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Drumroll, please! The crown jewel of Aldi’s food kingdom is Mama Cozzi’s Take-and-Bake Deli Pizza. When you’re short on time but big on flavor cravings, these pizzas come to the rescue. Five incredible flavors that are available all year round, plus those exciting limited-time options hiding in the Aldi Finds section. Mama Cozzi’s, you’ve won our hearts and stomachs!