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Rumor has it Kirkland Vodka & Grey Goose are the Same…

📷 Credit: TheDailyMeal

Ever wondered about the secret behind Costco’s Kirkland Signature alcohol offerings? I mean, they’ve got some surprisingly good stuff at prices that don’t make your wallet cry. But let’s be real, Kirkland vodka is so good it’s got folks speculating if they’ve stashed a top-shelf brand in those Kirkland bottles.

Now, the juiciest rumor in town is that Kirkland Signature vodka is secretly Grey Goose in disguise. Yes, that Grey Goose, the high-end vodka that sounds so fancy you almost expect it to wear a tuxedo. But, my friends, it’s time to debunk this myth because Grey Goose has officially spoken up. They say, “Nope, we don’t distill the vodka that Kirkland puts in their bottles.”

Kirkland Signature also confirms, “Hey, Grey Goose doesn’t whip up our vodka either.” So, while Kirkland and Grey Goose may share a few design similarities, they’re like distant cousins at best.

Speaking of design, have you noticed that sleek, tall bottle Kirkland vodka comes in? It’s suspiciously similar to Grey Goose’s distinctive look. And Kirkland is all like, “Hey, our French vodka is distilled in France too!” which has got people drawing even more parallels.

But wait, there’s a twist!

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Grey Goose says they fetch their water from the same area in Cognac, France as Kirkland’s vodka-maker. But Grey Goose uses a private well for their water, while Kirkland keeps its water source a bit of a mystery. Also, Grey Goose brags about using the finest wheat for their vodka, distilling it just once to preserve that wheaty goodness. Kirkland, on the other hand, claims to distill their vodka five times for extra purity. Fancy, right?

📷 Credit: TheDailyMeal

So, do they taste the same? Well, taste is a bit like choosing a favorite color; it’s subjective. Some folks swear Kirkland Signature vodka is even better than Grey Goose. Under the Label, the old alcohol rating site, gave Kirkland a higher score by about four points out of 100. And here’s the kicker: Kirkland’s vodka is only a third of the price!

Now, they might seem alike in taste and even have a similar thickness, but Grey Goose lovers say it’s got a certain sweetness and a crisp finish that Kirkland just doesn’t have. But remember, vodka is often celebrated for its lack of flavor, making it perfect for mixing or sipping without any fuss. And Kirkland Signature vodka’s success boils down to its reliability in this department. So, whether you’re sipping Kirkland or Grey Goose, you’re in for a tasteless buzz that’s kind to your bank account. Cheers to that!