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The Beloved Costco Food Court Classic We’re All Missing

Remember the days of strolling through Costco, cart already brimming with bulk treasures, and the scent of Italian sausage sandwich wafting through the air? Yes, that unforgettable Italian sausage sandwich, priced at a humble $2.79, featuring a succulent sausage nestled in a bun, lovingly topped with roasted peppers and onions. For those who got to experience it in selected locations like Maryland, North Carolina, Georgia, Boston, and Brooklyn, it was more than just a meal; it was an event.

But, as all good things often do, the Italian sausage sandwich quietly exited the stage between 2019 and 2020, leaving a trail of nostalgic Costco members in its wake. “That sausage sandwich was the highlight of my Costco trips,” a Reddit user shared, echoing the sentiment of many. Another expressed on TikTok, “They took away a family tradition. Our pre-shopping ritual was never the same.”

The disappearance of this beloved sandwich has left many wondering: Why did Costco decide to retire such a crowd-pleaser from its food court lineup? The timing suggests that the pandemic might have played a role in Costco simplifying its menu for operational efficiency. Yet, whispers on the internet suggest a different story, with some claiming the sandwich’s decline began as early as 2016 or even 2014. Could it be that despite its cult following, the Italian sausage sandwich wasn’t the superstar we remember? Some online comments pointed out its flaws, like excessive fattiness, hinting that perhaps it wasn’t a loss felt by all.

As we gaze into the future, questions linger about the potential return of this iconic sandwich. While it seems unlikely, given the years that have passed since its last sighting, hope remains. After all, Costco did revive the chicken caesar salad after a three-year hiatus, albeit with a few tweaks. Could the Italian sausage sandwich be next in line for a grand comeback?

In the meantime, those yearning for a taste of nostalgia have a DIY option. According to conversations among Costco aficionados on Reddit, the secret ingredient, Premio brand sweet sausages, can be found in the meat section, ready to be transformed into homemade versions of the legendary sandwich. Costco even offers a recipe on its website, hinting that perhaps the spirit of the Italian sausage sandwich lives on, in our kitchens and our hearts.

While we might never again savor this classic under the bright lights of a Costco food court, its memory serves as a reminder of the simple joys found in a shared meal. So, here’s to the Italian sausage sandwich — may our homemade renditions honor your legacy in the aisles of Costco history.