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Kirkland Brand Coffee at Costco: A Surprising Connection with Starbucks

Credit: Costco

Costco is a shopping haven for many, offering a wide array of products and delightful food court treats. What’s intriguing is that Costco occasionally collaborates with external companies to produce their Kirkland brand items, a practice not unique to them but also followed by Trader Joe’s. What’s even more fascinating is that they don’t hide the fact – you can often find the manufacturer’s name on the label.

Take Kirkland brand coffee, for instance. It might surprise you to know that some of the coffee carrying the Kirkland name is actually roasted by Starbucks. They’re not keeping it a secret; it’s right there on the label.

So, the next time you grab a 2 1/2 pound bag of Kirkland’s Signature House Blend Medium Roast, Espresso Blend Dark Roast, or Decaf House Blend Medium Roast, keep an eye out for the “Custom Roasted by Starbucks” stamp.

Starbucks coffee has a devoted following, and Kirkland coffee is also quite popular. Is there a connection? Well, it’s entirely possible, given that Starbucks is involved in roasting some of Kirkland’s coffee beans.

So, when that Starbucks craving hits, just check your Kirkland coffee for that revealing stamp – you might be enjoying a Starbucks creation without even realizing it.

📷 Credit: Costco